Oscar the baker awoke to a noise downstairs. He lived above his bakery and would rise with his bread each morning. He had been dreaming of muffin, souffle, pan. He went downstairs assuming it was mice. But when he arrived, it was a different story.

There, in his bakery were 27 aunties who had begun decorating, the walls, and the cakes. Many had baby helpers. They hung streamers from the ceilings and flowers everywhere, even in the icebox. From the windows they hung golden bird cages, home to those of beautiful red plumage, then they taught them how to sing.

Several had made him new clothes, which he couldn't deny, though he tried. Oscar looked in the mirror and thought he looked like a baker in a white suit, with the accompanying white hat. The aunties finally stopped moving, their creation was complete, presented to him was his home turned into a splendid garden. Trees lined his hallways, all types of flora and fauna in his bedroom, and a choir of birds.

Aunties, what's going on? Oscar asked. 
Ahem, my dear. They replied in unison. 
Today is the day you meet Carlos.

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